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Character Bios

Ash Ketchum:
A bit...well, very headstrong, I must say. But understands that a pokemon needs to be treated as a friend, not a tool. And...*Shifts eyes around nervously* He shows that he likes a certain individual...(ehrm...*Cough cough* Misty *Cough cough*)

Misty Waterflower:
Anger management! That's what she needs. The only things she hates are carrots, peppers, and of course...Bugs.(Misty:What? Where? Get it away from me!) Ehrm, ignore the petrified girl on the other end of the room. But I know who she likes...*looks up at the ceiling*(Misty: You better not say a word!)Somebody we all know...That goes by the name of A...*Whack!* Ugghhh...Never anger the Misty. (Misty: That's right! Humph!)

Brock Slate:
The most mature member of the group. Eh, except when a pretty girl comes around... Then he becomes the face in the picture.