Author's note: In this fic, Ash and Misty haven't met yet. I thought it was time for a little change of pace. And also, Brock isn't in this either. Sorry to all you Brock fans. I own Jared, Melissa, and all the other school kids. The pokemon tech in my story is located in-between Pallet and Cerulean. Everything in italics are thoughts.
The words in parenthesis are the translations.

Ash: 15
Misty: 16

School Days
Part 1

The sun shone brightly over the Pallet Mountains, its first rays of light shining upon a small house. A cool breeze sweeps through the open window of the two story house. A woman's voice is heard from downstairs.

"Ash! Wake up! Have you forgotten what today is?"

The sleepy boy looks over at his calendar.

"September already. Summer went by so quickly."

He jumps out of bed and begins to change. Just then, the door opens to reveal a little, yellow mouse. Ash looks up from what he's doing.

"Hey Pikachu!"

Pikachu! Pika, pi chu pikachu pika chu pikachu?" (Hey! Well, are you ready for a fun-filled year at pokemon tech?)

Ash throws some of his books into his backpack.

"Yeah right. I'll be glad once the first couple of months are over. I still can't believe I'm doing this."

Pikachu hops on the bed.

"Pika, pikachu pi chu pika pi pikachu, pika pikachu. Pikachu pika. Pika pikachu pi chu pikachu." (Well, your mom knows how much you love pokemon training, but its not all about that. You need strategy. You don't tend to think before you act.)

He slings his backpack over his shoulder.

"Thanks a lot. Seriously, that's not what scares me. Its being the new guy that's gonna be constantly picked on by upperclassmen."

"Pi, pikachu." (Oh, I see your point.)

He sighs.

"Well, I better get going. See ya."

"Pikachu. Pika pi." (Bye. Have fun.)

Ash mumbles under his breath.

"Yeah right."

He walks down the stairs to greet his mother, whom is cooking breakfast.

"Good morning honey. Did you sleep well?"

He sighs.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Well, what's wrong? You don't seem too happy. You should be excited about all the new friends that you'll be meeting."

"Yeah, the ones that are gonna make fun of me."

She looks up from what she's doing.

"Oh Ash, don't be so down on yourself. Your a great person. Just be confident.

He cracks a small smile.

"All right mom. Well, I gotta go. Bye."

"Aren't you going to have breakfast?"

"No, its okay. I'm going to be late."

"Well, okay. Good-bye."

He starts walking on the road to pokemon tech. Ash arrives with no problem. He looks up at the massive building set before him. He takes a deep breath before entering.

"I can just feel it. Its gonna be one of those days."

He looks at his schedule and walks into his class. Ash looks around the classroom to see about 2 dozen other students, his future classmates. He hands his papers to a young man, obviously the teacher. The teacher looks over the papers then nods and smiles.

"Its nice to meet you Ash. My name is Mr. B."

They shake hands.

"Its nice to meet you too."

The teacher looks up at the clock. Its

"Okay class, take your seats. I hope you all had a good vacation and I hope you all took the time to train your pokemon."

One of the boys stands up. He talks sarcastically.

"We missed you so much Mr. B. Summer just wasn't the same without you."

The whole class laughs.

"Ah, Jared. I thought you would have graduated by now. Looks like I'm stuck with you for another whole year. Lucky me."

That's right."

He sits down smiling to himself. The teacher looks at Ash.

"I have one other announcement, we have a new student today. His name is Ash Ketchum and he comes from
Pallet Town. I'm expecting all of you to be kind and courteous to him. Hmm...Ash, you can sit in third row, the third seat back."


He finds his seat and sits. He hears the boys around him snickering, making him nervous. Ash can hear Jared, who is sitting behind him, talking to a girl. The girl is seated next to Ash, obviously uninterested in what Jared has to say. Ash looks over at the girl. She has beautiful, shoulder-length red hair and light blue eyes. Jared smiles at her.

"Come on Misty. Why don't we put our differences aside and go out tonight?"

She rolls her eyes.

"Jared, I told you. Its over between us."

"Oh come on! You didn't even give me a chance!"

"I gave you more than one chance, that was my mistake."

A girl that sits behind Misty speaks up.

"Leave her alone Jared."

"Why don't you shut up Melissa!"

Misty stares at him.

"Excuse me, but that's my best friend your talking to."

A boy sitting in front of Ash starts to speak.

"Give it up Misty. You know your lost without Jared."

Misty raises an eyebrow.

"I would keep my mouth shut if I were you Chris."

She looks across the room.

"Just remember, I am friends with your girlfriend."

Melissa giggles as Chris laughs uneasily.

"You wouldn't tell her anything, would you? I was just kidding. We're friends, right Misty?"

Misty smirks.


A girl sitting in front of Misty turns around.

"Hey Misty, are you still meeting up with us after school?"

"Yeah, sure Lauren. Oh wait. I'm gonna be a little late. I have to drop off a book at the library. Who's going anyway?"

"Just the usual. You, me, Melissa, Anna, and Sarah."

Okay, sounds like a plan."

All the while, Ash is listening to the conversations going on around him. He starts to think to himself.

'Wow, this girl is really popular.'

The teacher stands up from his desk.

"Okay class. Settle down back there. Try not to be a bad example for our new student."

Misty glances over to Ash. Its the first time she's noticed him. She flashes him a quick smile. He does the same. A boy sitting to the right of Ash shifts in his chair.

"Hey Jared. I think the new kid is trying to hit on your girl."

Jared sits up in his seat as Ash cringes in fear.

"Oh really? You stay away from her if you know what's good for you."

Ash nods shakily. Misty becomes angry.

"Jared, just shut up. Let me clear something up for you morons."

She points at the boy next to Ash.

"I am not his girl, got that Jason! Next time you say something, think before you speak unless you want to end up in the hospital."

"O-okay." (*in case you guys are confused as to what the seating arrangement is, i made a little diagram*)

(Back of the room)
Melissa Jared
Misty Ash Jason
Lauren Chris
(Front of the room)

The teacher looks towards the group of talking teens.

"Okay, you guys know the routine. I need a volunteer to help Ash and show him around campus. about...Jared!"

He looks up.

"What!? Oh come on Mr. B. I'm no one's baby-sitter."

The class laughs as Ash looks down, rejected. Misty looks at Jared.

"And I could've said the same thing about you when you were new, but you didn't see me complaining. Mr. B should have paid me to take care of you."

The whole class laughs as Jared scowls at her. Even the teacher gets in on the laughter.

"Now come on Jared. I'm sure you two will become friends."

Jared waves him off.

"Yeah, whatever."

Mr. B stands up smiling.

"Okay good. Now that that's settled, let's start class."

Several hours roll by smoothly without any problems. When
2:30 finally comes, its time to go home. Ash is walking through one of the hallways in order to get to the front of the school. Just then, a crowd of boys surround him, with Jared as their leader.

'Oh great.'

Jared steps up to him.

"And where do you think your going?"

Ash avoids eye contact.

"I was just heading home."

Ash starts to walk away, but is grabbed by Jared.

"Where are your manners? Don't you know its rude to walk away when someone's talking to you?"

Jared pushes Ash against a locker. His gang laughs. Jared pretends to think hard.

"Now let's see. There was one other thing I wanted to tell you."

He grabs Ash's collar and shoves him hard against the locker.

"You stay away from Misty. She belongs to me. Got it?"

"Who do I belong to?"

They all turn around to see Misty with her arms folded. Jared starts to fumble with his words.

"Oh, uh Misty. I thought you were going to Lauren's house."

"I had to go to the library first. I was just on my way there when I saw a group of morons picking on someone and so I immediately figured it was you."

"This is strictly business."

"Jared, let him go."

He continues to grip Ash's collar while staring at Misty.

"Let him go."

Jared shoves Ash against the locker, which causes him to fall. He motions to his gang.

"We're out of here."

Jason points at Ash.

"What about him?"

"We'll take care of him later."

Misty steps up.

"No you won't. You stay away from him Jared. He didn't do anything to you."

Jared stares at her then leaves with his gang. Misty mumbles under her breath.


She looks down at Ash and lends him a hand.

"Are you okay?"

He takes her hand while wiping the dust off of him.

"Yeah, I think. Thanks."

Misty smiles at him.

"No problem. You shouldn't let Jared and his gang get to you."

"Is it his job to scare off all newcomers?"

Misty giggles.

"Basically. My name's Misty. Nice to meet you."

"Name's Ash.
Its nice to meet you too."

They shake hands.

"What's up with that Jared guy?"

"Oh, he gets jealous everytime I talk to a guy. He's a loser, don't worry about him."

"Well, it was nice meeting you but I have to get home."

"Where do you live?"

Pallet Town."

Misty looks in the direction Jared's gang went.

"Well, let's go."

Ash has a puzzled look on his face.

"Go where?"

"You said that you needed to get home, so let's go."

"Oh, you don't have to walk me home."

"No really, its okay. I have to go by there anyway. And besides, I don't trust Jared and his gang."

"Well, okay."

They start to walk off and soon reach Ash's house. Misty looks up at his house.

"Nice house."

"Thanks, would you like to come in?"

"Oh, no thank you. I have to get to my friend's house."

"Oh, well in that case-"


Pikachu jumps out of the house and into Ash's arms.

"Hey there buddy. How was your day?"

"Pika. Pi?" (Good. You?)

It was okay."

Just then Pikachu spots Misty.

"Pikachu pika pi chu pika chu pikachu pi." (First day at school and you already have a girlfriend.)


Misty speaks up.

"What did it say?"

"Oh, uh nothing. Pikachu, this is Misty. She's in my class. This is my Pikachu."

"Hi there Pikachu."


Pikachu jumps onto Ash's head. Ash scratches it behind it's ear. Misty smiles.

"That's amazing."

Ash looks at her.

"What is?"

"The bond you share with your pokemon."

"Oh yeah. Me and Pikachu are best friends. Right buddy?"


Misty comes up to Ash and is about to pet Pikachu.

"No wait! Hold on!"

She starts to pet it on the head. Pikachu lets out a purring sound.

"What's wrong?"

"Now that's amazing."


"Pikachu never let's strangers pet it."

"Well, I'm not a stranger anymore am I?"

Ash smiles.

"I guess not."

"Well, I better be going. Bye Pikachu."

"Pikachu." (Bye.)

"I'll see you tomorrow Ash."

"Okay, and thanks again."

"No problem."

She leaves. Misty starts to think to herself.

'I don't think I know anyone who has a bond that strong with their pokemon.'

Ash walks into his house along with Pikachu.

"Pika pikachu." (She seems nice.)

"Yeah, she is. She helped me out after school when this gang of guys surrounded me. She's really popular too."

Pikachu nudges Ash.

"Pikachu pi pika?" (Getting any ideas?)

Ash sighs.

"Pikachu, I just met her."

"Pika, pikachu pi chu pika pi pikachu?" (Well, don't you believe in love at first sight?"

He sits on the couch.

"We're just friends."

"Pi pika pikachu." (That's what they all say."

Ash rolls his eyes and proceeds upstairs.

Meanwhile, at Lauren's house...

Misty is just making her way into Lauren's room. The group of girls stare at her while she walks in. Misty looks at them uneasily.

"Uh, hi guys."

Melissa stands up.

"And just where were you? It shouldn't have taken you that long to go to the library."

Misty sits down on the bed.

"Sorry guys. I ran into a little problem on my way here."

Lauren looks concerned.

"What kind of a problem?"

"Jared and his gang of losers were ganging up on Ash, so I decided to help."

Sarah starts to think aloud.

"Ash? The new kid?"

Yeah, I offered to walk him home. He lives right down the street."

Anna smiles.

"Oh really?"

Misty eyes them.

"Yes. He's a really nice guy."

Lauren stands up.

"Well, we can bug her about it later. Remember you guys, we only have 3 months to organize this dance."

Melissa whispers something to Misty.

"I need to talk to you afterwards."

"About what?"

Melissa just smiles. Sarah pulls some papers out of her backpack.

"Okay guys, let's do this."


Jared's gang are walking down the street from school.

"So Jared, what's the plan for getting the new kid?"

"Don't worry, we'll get him soon enough."

Jason stops the gang.

"Well, what about Misty?"

Jared stares at him.

Ill take care of her."

Chris speaks up.

"You gonna ask her to the dance?"

"I don;t need to ask her. She's my girl, remember?"

They all nod and snicker in agreement.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of both of them..."

What's Jared and his gang cooking up for Ash and Misty? Who will ask who to the big dance? And what will happen between Ash and Misty? All these questions and more answered next time!

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